Felted Hats

Our felted hats are durable, warm, and shed water and wind.

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Child's hat

Fuzzy cap

Wide fuzz assortment

Wide black fuzz

Wide blue fuzz

Wide lavender fuzz

Rolled fuzz assortment

Rolled blue fuzz

Rolled light blue fuzz

Rolled black fuzz

Rolled green fuzz

Wide gray assortment

Wide gray

Wide dark gray

Rolled purples

Rolled blue

Rolled purple

Rolled plum

Wide reds

Wide red stripes

Wide red flat top

Rolled reds

Rolled dark red

Rolled pink

Rolled red

Rolled rim tans and whites

Rolled rim white

Rolled earth tone

Rolled gray

Rolled blues

Rolled light blue

Rolled ocean

Rolled dark blue

Rolled heather

Rolled blue

Wide blues

Wide dark blue

Wide gray-blue

Wide light blue

Wide blue

Wide greens and blues

Wide teal

Wide dark green

Wide dark green

Wide blue-green

Four styles


Three hats and two mittens

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